Privacy Policy

For the purposes of the provisions of current legislation, in matters of personal data protection, through this Privacy Policy, Amazonia Bingo (hereinafter "AMB" or "the Operator") informs users (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "Users" ”) of its games or applications (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), regarding its policy for protecting the personal data provided by Users who use our Services.

In this way, Users can freely and voluntarily determine whether they wish to provide AMB with any personal data that may be required or obtained about them when accessing and using the Service. AMB is committed to protecting the privacy of its Users.

In this sense, the User must know that, in order to register and register for the Services offered by the AMB, personal data will be requested. In the cases and with respect to the data that are expressly requested from the User, if not provided, the User will not be able to access or use the said Services and contents.

In compliance with current regulations, AMB adopts the necessary technical and organizational measures to maintain the required level of security in relation to the personal data processed. Likewise, the Operator is equipped with adequate mechanisms within its reach to prevent, as far as possible, unauthorized access, theft, illegal alterations and loss of data.

AMB will publish the current version at any time on its website. For this purpose, AMB reserves the right to make, at any time, any changes, updates or modifications it deems appropriate under the terms of this Privacy Policy. If the User does not accept the new version of the Privacy Policy, AMB will have the right to block his game account and cancel his personal data.

The processing of data collected and stored relating to Users is for the sole purpose of providing and improving the AMB Service, so that Users can enjoy the best possible entertainment in our games.


The User authorizes the processing of his/her personal data under the terms set out below and acknowledges that the mere acceptance of this agreement authorizes the treatment necessary for the provision of the Service.

The Operator informs the User that the data provided for the creation of the User registration and the game account, as well as those collected later, will be incorporated into a personal data file owned by the Operator, whose purpose is to enable the access to the services offered by AMB, manage, maintain and develop the Service to Users, as well as improve, expand and adapt the Services offered according to the preferences and interests of Users.

The type of personal data stored under the Service differs depending on the Service or application, and may include first and last name, social network to which you belong, UDID (unique identifier of your device), shopping transaction identifiers, associated email , profile photo of the social network to which it belongs or any other type of information related to and included in the social network, profile or online application.

In addition, AMB may acquire information from you by accessing and participating in forums, blogs and chat rooms on a Service or application, from the content of queries made to the support service or by purchasing a virtual product of any kind.

Please note that because the management of purchases of virtual goods offered by the Service or application is performed by third parties, AMB does not have access to your credit card data or billing information.


Non-personal data refers to a series of data that, if collected statistically, cannot be used to identify or contact you. AMB may store non-personal information about your use of the Service, both in the course of the game and in the use of the software. AMB may also invite you to share non-personal information about yourself, such as: age and/or date of birth, gender, data regarding the software you use, platform, mobile operating system, mobile platform etc., information related to your favorite websites, Facebook “likes”, interest groups, fan pages, etc., any type of information included in Facebook request, duration of game sessions, record of high scores, language, zip code and code of your region or area, location and time zone, compilation of data on incidences, type of internet connection and browser used, reference pages, output, destination and URL, as well as the time and date of your activity.

Every type of data compilation is aimed at enabling AMB to improve its applications and Service through knowledge of the behavior of Users.

If non-personal data is collected for any type of activity that requires the use of personal data, AMB may combine the use of both types of data in order to offer a better Service, whose purpose is to provide greater entertainment to the User experience and the supposed improvement of the Service, as well as carrying out a statistical analysis of our services for the storage and management of data directly provided by the User.


AMB uses the stored information to improve the User experience, analyze your preferences and send purchase requests through your account, get in touch to offer new products, inform you about the aspects and characteristics of our games, promotions, possibilities for updating the Service or any type of information related to it that may be of interest to the User.

In addition, you acknowledge that AMB makes use of tools provided by different social networks, such as a friend finder that you have used, to allow your contacts to associate themselves with the Service and elements related to it, such as the games played, the earnings or pertinent applications, subject to this privacy policy.

If you use a referral or sponsorship service to invite a friend to try our Service, AMB may ask for your friend's name and email, and through this medium will send you an email or text message on your behalf to can try the Service in question. AMB will store such data only for a short term, for the sole purpose of inviting your friend to use the Service and ensuring that you do not receive repeated product invitations. AMB will not store this type of information permanently at any time.

If you participate in any sweepstakes, contest or similar, AMB may use the information provided to manage said participations. In addition, participation in any type of tournament or online championship is subject to granting permission for AMB to manage and use the data provided by you statistically to publicly disclose how Users' scores, general rankings, earnings can be or awards derived from your performance.

By accepting AMB Services awards, you irrevocably consent to AMB using your username or first name used on the network for advertising and promotional purposes without any additional compensation.

Any compilation, management and analysis of data provided by Users by AMB has the sole purpose of improving the Service, contacting them, and increasing User satisfaction in relation to the games, and AMB will never use such data for sell, assign, sublet or otherwise transmit to unaffiliated third parties, or allow access to them except with your express authorization.

Nevertheless, the User may exercise their rights of access, rectification and opposition via e-mail sent to

It should be noted that there are cases where the AMB is legally obligated to retain your information if required to do so by the competent authority. AMB reserves the right to cooperate fully to ensure compliance with laws as required by the authorities, including cooperating in the investigation of reports of illegal activities.


It is possible that AMB may contract the services of external service providers (among which, payment processing companies) to carry out certain activities which include, without limitation, processing your information, age, location or contact for sending and emails, text messages, prizes or promotions.

Your personal information will only be disclosed to third parties outside the AMB in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. AMB is committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that our agreements with third parties protect your privacy by ensuring that these third parties strictly comply with our guidelines.


The service administered by AMB may use cookies. When browsing the internet, in some cases, residual elements such as temporary files, also called cookies, are stored on your computer, mobile device or similar. Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains specific anonymous information such as the identifier and name of the web page accompanied by figures and numbers.

These elements are designed to improve the User's experience when using the Service, allowing data to be retrieved on subsequent visits and the storage of their preferences to navigate more efficiently, quickly and simply.

The User may prevent the generation of cookies by checking the corresponding option in the menu of his/her navigation program, however, by opting for the deactivation of the use of cookies, the functioning of the referring website may be affected. Below, we inform the links of the main web browsers for the configuration and management of access to cookies.


Please note that the Service may contain links to other web pages. This Privacy Policy applies solely to the AMB Service, not to web pages maintained by companies or organizations other than AMB, which you may access from the Service or application.

Likewise, AMB is not responsible for the information contained on third-party web pages that can be accessed through the links displayed on the Service or application. The presence of these links is for informational purposes and does not constitute, in any case, an invitation to or contracting of products or services that may be offered on the destination website.

If it has actual knowledge that the activity or information to which these links refer is illegal, constitutes a crime or may cause damage to the assets or rights of third parties susceptible to indemnification, the AMB will act with the necessary diligence to suppress or disable the corresponding link with the as soon as possible.


To delete your account, enter your player profile in your app and select delete account and follow the steps quickly, instantly and automatically.


The user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition via email to


In compliance with current regulations, AMB adopts the necessary technical and organizational measures to maintain the required level of security in relation to the personal data processed. Likewise, we adopt the appropriate mechanisms available to prevent, as far as possible, unauthorized access, theft, illegal alterations and loss of data.

The AMB will include the data provided by the user in the file owned by him, which will have all the necessary security measures required by the current regulations in terms of data protection.

However, AMB assumes no responsibility for loss or access to data by third parties. AMB will never request or request personal data through messaging or e-mail services from the Service Users or applications, as such means are not considered secure.


The AMB Service is designed to be used by persons over 18 years of age and solely for recreational purposes.


If you wish, you can contact the AMB at any time to make inquiries, clarify doubts or get help. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or for any other type of query, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:


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